Lesson of the day: Making the most of anything

9 Oct

If you were to rewind two weeks, you would have found me skipping through the greenery. Literally. A couple of weeks ago I went for a walk through the trails and found myself genuinely stopping to smell flowers, smiling at everyone I passed and breaking into a skip here and there. I was in a happy place on par with what you see portrayed in Viagra commercials. And I wondered idly to myself, “I feel I may be too happy right now — is the world just waiting to bite me in the butt?” Sadly, I think that may have been the case. My life had given me a wonderful high, only to throw a whackload of wrenches in my way. And slowly as I got hit by bummer after bummer, I felt myself falling further and further away from my happy place. Which I did not appreciate.

So today I thought to myself, what can I do that no one can take away from me? And it suddenly occurred to me — I can donate blood. So I nervously made my way to the nearest donation centre and took the plunge. It was my first time doing it and I was terrified I would experience some extreme pain, or pass out, or worse. But I didn’t! So to all those people who have been making me feel like less than what I am, I have this to say:

I saved three lives today, what did you do?

One Response to “Lesson of the day: Making the most of anything”

  1. Catharine Daly October 10, 2012 at 6:41 am #

    What a great idea and you know you are a better person for it.

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